Founded in 1987, Hong Kong Institute of Professional Photographers Ltd (HKIPP) is recognized as the most presentable and prestigious organization in the region, with a well-established circle comprising the best local professional photographers. Despite organizing regular meetings and seminars associating with photography technique and skills, we frequently exchange thoughts and ideas with overseas photographers and professionals in other fields to enhance our knowledge. Our emphasis is on the specialization in the industry and the enhancement of artistic level.

Since 1993, HKIPP assembles Awards biennially and invites renowned local and international professionals to be the judges of this fabulous event. Awards are presented by the judges to the winners as a recognition and endorsement for their outstanding photographic works. It is considered as a breeding ground for the photographic industry, a base for the talented ones to becoming a prominent professional photographer.

In 2007, we had successfully extended the scope of HKIPP Awards to Asia scale, with ‘HKIPP Asia Photo Awards 2007’ – the first Asian Photo Contest, staged. Thousands of entrants from Asia joined us. The Awards Presentation Ceremony, regional & Asia circulatory exhibitions were taken place remarkably in Beijing, Taiwan, Singapore and Macau. It has marked a new page for Awards and the Asia Photography industry.

Terms & Conditions
As a guideline for its members, HKIPP had developed a set of recommended contract terms and conditions, which helps improving communications between photographers and clients for a fair trade. The latest revision had been released in June 2006, which is attached at the latter part of Images for further reference.


“IMAGES” is the collection incorporated with our latest members’ creative portfolio. It is regarded as the exclusive book, creative source and also a series of precious collection for major creative talents.

“IMAGES” will be distributed to all the 4A advertising agencies, well-known graphic design houses, major photographers, creative bodies, targeted clients in photography, photographic associations, universities and colleges every year. The distribution of IMAGES bounds not to the local area, but spreads to almost every corner of the world. It is a perfect channel for the associated parties locating the apt photographer.


President Ms. Connie Hong
Vice President Mr. Emil Tse

EXE Members
Mr. Chan Yiu Hung
Mr. Chris Chan
Mr. Brian Ching
Mr. Mark Chung
Mr. Kwan Kai Wing
Mr. Dio Miu
Mr. Can Wong
Mr. Eric Wong

Contact Us

Hong Kong Institute of Professional Photographers

Unit 127, 1/F, InnoCentre,
72 Tat Chee Avenue,
Kowloon Tong, Kowloon,
Hong Kong

Tel: (+852) 25791983
Fax: (+852) 25651149

Email: office@hkipp.org

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